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CARY CLASSIC: PH 302 MM/MC Specification
Phono Preamplifier , Moving coil and moving magnet phono preamplifier with 5AR4 vacuum tube voltage regulation. Shielded R-Core power transformer, separate step up transformers for MC cartridges, separate inputs for MC or MM cartridges, MM optimized for 47 k ohm load, MC optimized for 100 ohm loads. Fully regulated power supply section, dual triode vacuum tube buffer and gain stages. High gain design with 54 dB overall gain in the MC section.
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CARY CLASSIC: SLP 98 Specification
Preamplifier with phono stage (SLP 98L & SLP 98P), Full feature, hand wired, vacuum tube preamplifier featuring (4) 6SN7, (2) 12AX7, and (2) 12AU7 tubes. MM phono amplifier section built in. Large heavy duty external power supply. Standard with remote volume. Jaguar Carnival Red chassis with clear coat finish. ZERO feedback design. SLP 98L has the same specification as above, but with line stage only.
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CARY CLASSIC: SLP 05 Specification
Pure Balanced Preamplifier, Full featured, top of the line preamplifier with 2 balanced and 3 RCA stereo inputs, CINEMA BYPASS, tape monitor loop, vacuum tube preamplifier featuring (8) 6SN7 vacuum tubes. Vacuum tube head phone power amplifier section built in. Matching external heavy duty power supply with 5AR4 vacuum tube rectification includes front panel voltage and bias meters for the power supply. Standard with remote volume control. ZERO feedback design.
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CARY DESIGNER: C306 Specification
Preamplifier, The C 306 preamplifier has dual mono circuitry to keep all channel to channel crosstalk to a minimum. The all aluminum chassis has machined aluminum cone feet for leveling the preamplifier in the installation. The C 306 has three (3) XLR and RCA analog inputs per channel. The RS 232 port control can be controlled with a home automation system. The infra red and RS 232 remote control codes are discrete for ease of system integration and full system control.
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CARY CONCEPT: CPA1 Specification
Preamplifier, The CPA 1 preamplifier combines the desirable attributes of low noise, low distortion and ease of use, making it an excellent preamplifi er choice for your home audio system. This preamplifi er offers a XLR balanced input and multiple RCA single-ended inputs making it a fl exible design. The CPA 1 has its own power supply and when combined with the CAA 1 it is capable of oustanding musical reproduction using your favorite music.
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